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Regenerix Therapeutic Center
Carretera Libre Tijuana, Rosarito - Ensenada Km 40.5, 22740 Rosarito, B.C.
Call- 6645512268

Regenerix Clinic a top Stem Cell, anti-aging and cancer treatment center located in Baja, Mexico.

Our prices are the lowest of all clinics. Why? We have our own Cofepris (mexican FDA) approved laboratory, which eliminates any middleman.



Regenerix Clinic Stem Cell I.V.  (prices starting at $900 dlls)
Anti-Aging Therapies
Placenta Injections
NAD Injectable
Stem Cell Facelift.
Anti-Viral I.V.
Testosterone Boosters
Joint and Ligament Treatments
PNC-27 Cancer Therapy

Regenerix was initiated in 2017. We were a small clinic located in Ensendad, Baja California.In late 2018 we moved our clinic to a bigger site in Puerto Nuevo in order to accomadate more patients.During that time we have had success with chronic illness patients and others that had received rejuevenation therapies.

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